One for the dogs, a freebie for your fur babies

Last week, I had to put my sweet 13 year old kitty down. It was so much harder then I ever imagined, she’s been around my entire adult life and now suddenly, she’s gone. This Valentine’s Day, I’ll be giving my doggy Harlow a little extra love.  So this weekend we will be baking her favorite doggy cookie recipe, yes she has a favorite… gingerbread. The recipe have been a hit with all her doggy friends as well, we passed them out last year and will do so again this year. Doggies need to feel the love too, right!This month I have 2 freebies, this one if for your fur babies. This free download includes bag toppers and tags. The bag topper has the recipe for doggy gingerbread on the back side. It’s very easy and you can cut them info any shape you wish. We of course do hearts for V day. Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can download the free designs HERE.

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